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Breaking Down Barriers

Once Portugal’s capital, Coimbra is one of the country’s most historic cities, famous for its university, which is one of Europe’s oldest. 
It’s rich in centuries-old monuments that illustrate every chapter of the history of architecture, and the university and surroundings are listed as a World Heritage Site.

The Host City of Wine Future 2023

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Between Porto and Lisbon

Easily accessible by train or bus between the country’s two largest cities, it’s worth a visit not just for the monumental university but also for the ancient site of Conimbriga, which has some of Europe’s best-preserved Roman mosaics. In between, choose among the different romanesque, gothic, and baroque churches, and visit one of Portugal’s best national museums.

The Venue: 
Convento de São Francisco

The São Francisco Convent was founded in the early 16th century. Throughout its history, it served as a hospital and barracks, and accommodated an important textile manufacturing unit. 
Acquired by the Municipal Chamber of Coimbra, the building was recovered and it is today an ideal venue for hosting congresses, conferences and summits, as well as concerts and cultural events.

Convento San Fco 1.png


Convento São Francisco
Avenida da Guarda Inglesa, n.º1A
3040-193 Santa Clara, Coimbra


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