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Media Partners

Breaking Down Barriers

At Chrand Events and all the Wine Future conferences we always join forces with important specialized publications, mainstream media, influencers and bloggers who can help us promote our conferences and events. At the same time they can benefit from associating themselves to a very hiprofile event and charitable causes, massive international promotion and access to all our speakers.

Benefits for Media Partners

  1. Logo to be included in the website of the event.

  2. Social media presence.

  3. Promo video of 30 seconds to be projected on stage screens during the event.

  4. Include a speaker or moderator if the Technical Committee deems
    it appropriate.

  5. 1 full page of advertising in the "Breaking Down Barriers", the official magazine of the event.

  6. Branding possibilities at the venue.

  7. 2 complimentary VIP Tickets with access to all hospitality evnets and tastings.

  8. Branding at press conferences and international presentations of the event.

  9. A special discounted rate for your VIPs and staff to register for the conference.

These are some of our past media partners:

Wine Enthusiast.jpeg
Harpers Logo.png
Novo Logo RV (2)_edited.jpg
Official IWSC Logos CMYK-01_edited.jpg
CNN Logo.jpeg
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